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Why Electric Vehicles Are The Buzz Of The Future

Let’s be a part of it with Ghoom The world is unpredictable & uncertain and 2020 has been the quintessential example of it. While the world is adapting to the changes induced into our lives by this pandemic, many industries have seen accelerated changes and shifts, ahead of schedule. The transportation industry being one of them, with the ascent of electric vehicles in the world.

Owning or renting electric scooters and cars is becoming the new mainstream trend for obvious reasons. Apart from the environmental benefits that comes with the usage of electric vehicles, they also bring additional advantages relating to costs, ease of use, and the ability of being insusceptible to sudden price changes of petrol & diesel. Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out more about it.

The Need & Urgency to Adopt Electric Vehicles

Climate change has been a growing concern for years now. Things are getting worse & worse and this climate change is bringing the world to a point of irreversible change. It’s increasingly deadly effects are seen all around the world in the form of devastating fires in California, droughts, floods, melting of ice caps and of all things, a heat wave in Greenland. If you’re as concerned as me about this looming disaster taking us to a point of no return, you should check out the daily developments of climate change at the official NASA site.

While many actions and activities have been responsible for contributing to global warming and climate change, one of the biggest contributors has been the transportation industry. There is no denying the fact that the fuel burning fleet or the traditional cars have a negative impact on the environment with huge emissions of CO2 leading to an increasing amount of air pollution. And this consequence has massively contributed to climate change. Owing to the harmful deprecating effects of burning fuel to our planet, we’re all in to see a drastic change in the mobility patterns all around the world.

The emergence and expansion of electric scooters & cars is going to reduce these harmful emissions of fossil fuels and also save money. They will also help save tonnes of petroleum used for transportation and also make us less vulnerable to the volatility of price spikes and supply disruptions. And, on the same path minimize harmful emissions and contribute to the betterment of health and reduce the ecological damage. Rise Of Electric Scooters & Cars The wave of electric vehicles is here and is rapidly speeding up. With companies expanding their product offerings to include electric vehicles and as people are increasingly becoming aware of its need & convenience, it is now well on its way to take on the fueled vehicles to establish it’s share in the market. As we make the shift from fossil fuels to an all-electric living, the transportation industry is evolving to accommodate the needs of our planet and its people for a better future.

While this electric revolution was started with innovators such as Tesla, there are now a much broader range of options available both in owned and shared mobility to help us bring on this beneficial change into our lives. Ghoom provides one such solution by offering electric scooters on rent in an effort to mobilize people in a non-polluting, fuel efficient & eco-friendly way. Upgrading the automotive industry to one that embodies zero emission is a necessary and a much awaited renovation. Challenges

Five years ago, a lack of charging stations and proper infrastructure presented an immense challenge to the adoption of electric scooters, cars and other modes. From the unavailability of charging equipment to the long amounts of time needed to charge the vehicle have all presented problems. But now with governments all over the world implementing policies and initiatives to encourage electric vehicles, it has made things easier for people and companies to embrace and shift to the electric transportation fleet and consequently solve these obstacles.

We’ve come a long way to tackle some of these challenges and reduce the severity of it. Constant developments and progresses made by companies and governments together will make petrol and diesel vehicles a thing of the past and clear a path for electric scooters & cars to establish their position in the transportation industry.

Charging of Electric Vehicles

While electric vehicles are green, the batteries charging these electric scooters and cars have been put under scrutiny for not being green. But companies and businesses are making breakthroughs in the infrastructure and battery charging products thus making it cleaner and cheaper. Thanks to all the rapid innovations and developments, the UK has announced that it’ll ban the sale of petrol & diesel cars from 2030, almost a decade earlier than actually planned to do so. Fascinated? So are we. If you’re interested in knowing more about, this article by BBC talks about the concerns of the citizens of the UK on the announcement of this sudden and astonishing decision.

The electricity that charges and fuels the battery is now coming from renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels, making it even more green. And thus, they are on the path to make electric scooters and cars more and more mainstream to the point when owning an electric vehicle is going to become cheaper than owning a vehicle that burns fossil fuels and contributes to climate change. Importance of EVs

Transportation has been one of the largest sources of pollution in India and around the world. The depreciating quality of the air has also resulted in long term fatal effects on health. And, as Covid-19 keeps spreading, a startling link has been made between long term exposure to harmful fine particulate matter and accelerated mortality rates. To solve this looming climate & health crisis we need to make our vehicles as clean and green, as fast as possible.

The ease that electric vehicles bring with them is unmatched by the gasoline vehicles. One big advantage of electric vehicles is that most of them can be charged at home or anywhere one wants with portable chargers. It will almost be similar to when you go home and keep your smartphone on charging overnight for it to be ready for your use for yet another day. While electric vehicles already completely eliminate the cost of refilling petrol and diesel on a frequent basis, with this added advantage, opting for EV’s has become even more attractive. Most of the countries and it’s governments completely encourage this transition with policies and influx of money into initiatives and installation of charging stations with minimum possible distance between them.

And, the future ahead is not even just limited to passenger cars anymore, electric trucks, electric transit busses, and even electric fire trucks & electric sanitation trucks will be gliding through cities and its neighbourhoods in the coming years.

Ghoom’s Role in this Future

Ghoom was started with an idea to serve the people of India and make their lives easier. We understand the needs of people and bring an alternative to ownership of vehicles in a completely green way. Headquartered in the capital of India, we provide e-scooters on rent at affordable prices with convenient rental plans to empower the people of Delhi NCR through mobility. Being mobile in order to lead a better life shouldn’t have to be inflexible and expensive, it should be convenient and affordable which is what Ghoom believes in.

While we strive to work towards making India mobile and independent with our scooter rental services, we choose to do it in a green and through a pollution free means. And, now as Delhi is on it’s way to become the electric vehicle capital of India and restore the worsening climate of this city by eliminating the vehicular emissions of CO2, Ghoom is dedicated to promote this green initiative by offering electric scooters on rent. With full support from the government of Delhi, improving the air quality has become the need of the hour for Delhi and the world and everyone at Ghoom stands by and believes in this much needed change by adapting electric modes of transport into their lives. Hop onto our About Us to know more about Ghoom and the team that makes it all happen. Come be a part of this revolution. Be a part of Ghoom. Rent an e-scooter & Ride it like you own it.

So, are you in? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear them.

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