How COVID-19 affected Transport Industry |

The COVID-19 has turned out to be the most severe public health and economic crisis the world has faced in 21st century. As world is facing the losses of human lives and jobs, it has already affected various sectors in industries, manufacturing, construction and even IT sector. This pandemic will impact individual behaviour pertaining to the way we work, consume and travel. Many countries did declare restrictive measures, such as lockdown, shelter in place, or stay at home orders, to contain the pandemic at a local level. However, the wildly differing responses and response timelines have left people wondering if this is the time that one should learn to live with the virus. In less than six months since the first coronaviruscase was reported in China’s Wuhan, the pandemic outbreak in India has spread to almost all states and union territories, infecting almost 10,00,000 people. Taking a cue from other major economies, India did impose a

nationwide lockdown to contain the highly contagious virus on March 24. Since then, the curve has not flattened and India is now among the top three-worst affected nations across the world. Which Includes almost two and half month of complete lockdown. The coronavirus-induced lockdown led to displacement of millions of migrants, job losses, and economy hitting the rock- bottom level. On the positive front, the lockdown encouraged India to be ‘aatmanirbhar‘, which means self-reliant. Various state governments, Centre, NGOs, corporates and individuals rose to the occasion to feed the hungry. It’s been almost 4 months since the lockdown in India and things seems to be getting on track at attenuated rate.

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