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Ghoom joins the ‘Shared Mobility Principles’ Movement

Ghoom is proud to announce its collaboration with the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities. Produced in 2018 by a working group of NGOs, the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities, was developed by Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar, and includes a guiding framework for urban decision makers and stakeholders to navigate the shifting transportation landscape while prioritizing the best outcomes for all.

Ghoom was started with the idea of building a shared clean mobility platform to provide affordable, personal & clean shared mobility for everyone. For our customers Ghoom is empowerment , a means to earn their living, to avail of economic opportunities created by the gig economy. Ghoom becomes their own personal vehicle that they can use for as long as they want, take it wherever they want and keep it for as long as they want.

As we work towards facilitating an efficient, pollution-free, and affordable transportation means and provide a convenient mobility option for each and every person, we are delighted to have joined hands with the SMP community formed by leading international NGOs with support from reputed organizations from all over the world, to promote this cause even further. Prioritizing people over vehicles, integration & seamless connectivity, and transitioning to a renewable energy future are just a few of the many simple yet effective & revolutionary principles and value statements of the SMP which reaffirms our mission & vision as a company as well. The SMP principles are going to be a guiding light for Ghoom as we aim towards building a zero-emission future in transportation without compromising on ease, convenience & comfort.

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