COVID-19 Safe Travel…

Public transport is still not a safe option to commute. Even after a promises of sanitisation of buses, trains and cab rentals, it is still a risky option for commuters. A suitable alternative is affordable bike or car rental services, which will be at the forefront for private, convenient, safe, and affordable mobility for inter-city commuting. As per the current scenario when offices are re-opening up by time and its very hard to find safe transport. All bike rental startups has seen a surge in demand of long term rental plans. The fear of coronavirus amongst citizens is leading today’s consumers to opt for private transport and avoid shared mobility or public transportation. Additionally, a predictable fall in consumers’ disposable incomes and the change in behaviours of not opting for public transport and shared mobility, we are seeing a paradigm shift towards renting two-wheelers. This kind of trend was also observed in the past, during the post-SARS- outbreak period as well, when the people of China shifted away from public transportation and preferred a private mode of

commute. Delhi Metro has been a heart of Delhi for many years which carried people to their destinations. As government has decided to keep metro services off as social distancing seems to be sticky challenge to solve. Startups like Ghoom have came forward to solve these problems for people by providing Sanitised E-Scooters and providing free delivery for the same. This has given people a confidence to travel without getting in contact with each other. Ghoom has tied up with hospitals in Delhi NCR for easing commute for health workers who are standing on the frontline facing and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Many office commuting staff has opted for this option for its safe and affordable feats. No doubt, we’re all in this together. No one predicted that the year 2020 would be so unpredictable and volatile. As we are going through this rough patch, there is always a ray of hope

and it’s important that we focus on innovative solutions. We will get through this strong and united.

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