Commuting Safely Through the Second Wave

India has been hit with the second wave of this rampant pandemic. With its colossal severity, it’s pushing the daily case numbers to a record high, this time around with 2,73,802 new cases as on 18th April, 2021. State governments are imposing curfews, lockdowns and whatever means necessary to take control of this wave. With all hands on deck now, it’s crucial for us to be vigilant about ourselves, our activities and our surroundings to minimize the effect of this deadly virus as much as possible.

As we feel reluctant to fall into the routine of last year, it’s crucial to understand the importance of following all the safety precautions to avoid the virus’ fatal onset any further than it already has. Unless absolutely necessary, it’s advisable to stay indoors. While the whole of India is hit with the second wave, let’s look into its effect on the national capital, Delhi.

Covid-19 in Delhi

Delhi’s experience with the second wave was no different than Maharashtra or Kerala, the capital is seeing an increasing number of daily cases with each passing day. This also prompted the state government of Delhi to declare a weekend curfew last week. But with the case numbers still on the rise, Delhi is now on a week-long curfew which started on Monday, 19th April at 10 PM and set to end next Monday, early morning at 5 AM.

Amid the rising cases in Delhi, the medical resources are severely strained and the health system has been led to a tipping point, as suggested by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal before the announcement of the necessary curfew. With an aim to put a halt to the rising cases, the curfew is thus also intended to arrange for oxygen, medicines and more beds to ensure treatment for all.

Reportedly, one in every three samples are testing positive in the national capital and the second wave of Covid-19 is only likely to peak within a week.

The situation is critical in Delhi and is deemed as the worst hit city in the country.

Is there a Lockdown on the Horizon?

Economies crashed, businesses shut down, jobs were lost – some of the disastrous consequences that were witnessed during the last lockdown. While some states are practicing similar lockdown measures, a nation wide lockdown is being avoided, simply because we can’t afford to have one.

travel safely with Ghoom during covid-19

And while the work from home option is being instilled again by many, we understand it’s not a viable option for a lot of people. Commuting solo and safely thus becomes as important as ever. A lot of us hugely depend on public transport, especially in Delhi, and so it is strongly recommended to avoid the use of public transport at this point of time. Commuting to your office, college or simply just for running some errands, choose to travel solo on a personal mode of transport.

Ghoom is with you to take you wherever you need with utmost safety. Ghoom is ready to be the safest commute for you.

It all falls down on us to stay indoors, follow all safety precautions when outside, and get through these tough times one more time.

As the cases are expected to rise,

Be Smart. Wear Your Masks. Practice Social Distancing.

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