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About Ghoom

Ghoom is an Electric Scooter and Battery Rental and Subscription Platform, incubated at Harvard Innovation Labs. Ghoom was founded on a simple idea of improving, bettering and empowering the lives of people with convenient, affordable and clean mobility.

Ghoom’s Vision

Ghoom is building a robust ecosystem with a mobile app that brings together all the participants in the marketplace and controls the entire ecosystem of vehicles, batteries and charging seamlessly.

Our Experience

We are a team with expertise in Batteries, Mobility and Building Large Businesses.
Experience of Deploying

Experience of Deploying
12GW = 400,000 * 30 KW Batteries

Charge/ Discharge Cycles

Experience of 73 Million
Charge/ Discharge Cycles

Energy Network

Energy Network of 600 MN
KWH Per Annum

Remote Energy Management

Remote Energy Management
of 500,000 Energy Assets

Ghoom’s Technology

Ghoom is India’s first Integrated, Connected and Shared EV Platform
Ghoom’s Technology for smooth electric scooter rental service

Smart Batteries

Intelligent, Connected, Swappable, Flexible
Triad of Smart Battery controller, Vehicle telematics, Smart Charging

Phone as the Key

Vehicle Batteries, Swap and Charging
User friendly Mobile App iOS & Android

Intelligent EV Station Visual Analytics

AI & ML Based Station Visual Analytics
Footfall analysis, customer Demographics, Vehicle movement, Station monitoring

Ghoom’s Technology for smooth electric scooter rental service

Smart Swap Stations & Smart Chargers

Device agnostic IOT Platform
Autonomous, Connected, Flexible

Predictive Analytics

Analytics to support Smart Decision Making
Asset lifecycle enhancement, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Customer plans, Battery profiling, Station timings, etc.

Key Partnerships